When in 1997 I had the first spray can in my hand, I didn’t know that thing i’m doing is called Graffiti. By painting these first lines as a teenager, I didn’t know the history of Graffiti or the perception of it by society. For me it was just another fun filling my free time. I had no idea, that this first can in my hand shall designate the direction of my whole life and formed me as a grown person, both professionally and personally.

Since I was a child, I loved to paint, apparently unconsciously all the time I was looking for my  niche express my self artistically. Graffiti filled in  perfectly in teenage rebellion. Give adrenaline, bond with  peers and a sense of uniqueness, because not everyone could do what I do. There were moments that Graffiti was my entire life.

Today, being an adult guy, I treat the painting as a chase-breakers from the everyday life. I like to explore new opportunities to play with form and techniques known for years. My art has roots in the street and either train graffiti, where I started and it’s caused me the greatest joy. Now, painting canvas I’m trying to fill the gap left by the illegal actions of the youth. Of course, still actively creating legal productions on the streets of the city.

My images should give You the visual pleasure, and for me it’s the enjoy  of creating.