My zin premiere at 8th December 2018! Come up for a beer and get one!

My Zin – Street bombing tribute – will be shown on 8th December, 12-15 at Konfliktshop – 70 styles painted in last winter months + bonus. My tribute to 20 years of spray painting!

Come up for a beer! Will buy one for everyone who will get my zin! Beer drinking and live painting that’s perfect Saturday!

If you can’t come up – you can preorder it at Konflikt Shop or No names Shop.

“Street bombing tribute” Popup Show, Wroclaw, Poland – 19.05.2018

Since the beginning of 2017, I thought about whats best to celebrate 20 years of my interactions with spray paint.
Returning my thoughts to the beginnings of painting in the 90s, I did not feel that another colorful production is something that will allow me to celebrate a return to my
I decided to use only black and chrome for a winter few months Рthanks to this I focused only on the style of letters.
It made me very happy and allowed me to paint more. This the exhibition is the final of the celebration of my initial teasers, street bombing.

‚ÄěStreet ‚ÄěBombing Tribute‚ÄĚ exhibition
19.05.2018 – Streets of Wroclaw
Paintings were created on the cross section 2016/2018.
Album coming soon – wait for updates on my website!

My trip to NYC

In 2013 I was able to visit New York, the place where it all began. It is true that the metro there goes now everyday clean, but the city still has its climate.
I was able to paint on the Five Pointz, in recent months of its existence , the cult  New York Hall of Fame.  Anyway, see it yourself:

New YorK 5 pointz visit in 2013 from Laiks

laik-new-york-city-graffiti-tuff-city laik-new-york-city-graffiti-5-pontz